Career FAQ

What is the process for hiring at Predator Drilling?
Predator Drilling hires exclusively through our online application system available through our website Apply Today There is an online application form that you will have to complete. Applicants are reviewed by their experience and qualifications, so be sure to include any information we may need, including current tickets and experience you have.

What do I need to do to complete my application?
You will need to include your full contact information, employment history and any qualifications and experience you have.

When can I expect to hear back regarding my application?
Predator Drilling will contact you when we have reviewed your application and we have an opening that would match your experience, qualifications and skills.

What level of training do I need before I start work?
We expect new hires to have current certifications for the position they are applying for. All new hires will go through a Predator Drilling Orientation and a “Fresh Start” meeting before going into the field.

Where will I be working?
Predator Drilling has a versatile fleet of rigs that are in demand in different parts of the country. We have worked in Saskatchewan, Northern BC, Alberta and Ontario.

Do I have to buy any clothing or equipment before I start?
All applicants are required to have appropriate PPE for rig work. This includes but is not limited to steel toed boots, hard hat, safety glasses, weather appropriate clothing, and coveralls. New hires are provided two pairs of coveralls upon hire.
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