Coring Services

PREDATOR DRILLING is one of the industries most trusted drilling contractors and offers leading expertise in Coring and Delineation Drilling Services. We are the top choice of many tier one operators for their core hole projects and work with our clients to design an integrated coring program that is best suited to their needs and gives them the best results. Wireline core systems are integrated into every rig and available in a variety of sizes, up to 3 1/8″. Our systems are capable of coring slim hole well profiles.

Predator Drilling is focused on producing top quality core samples through the safest and most efficient process and giving our clients the assurance that we will SAFELY DELIVER PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE!

Industry leading expertise

  • Over 26,000m cored
  • Work with Top Tier Operators
  • Experienced Crews
Reliable & Accurate Core Recovery

  • 98.5% recovery rate
  • Work with Top Tier Operators
  • Experienced Crews
Integrated & Efficient Services

  • Equipment, process & people—all coring service components are integrated on each rig.
  • Reduced footprint (manpower, equipment, camp space)
  • Lower logistics costs
  • Versatile core recovery systems
Coring Service Features Include

  • Coring equipment:70mm (2 3/4″) 3 m to 86mm (3 3/8″) 3m Wire Line Core System
  • 3m & 6m Barrel Configuration
  • Core Bits: 156mm (6 1/8″) x 70mm (2 3/4″)NI613 to 222mm (8 3/4″) x 86mm (3 3/8″) N1613
  • Core Barrels
  • Core Pipe:Inertia welded core pipe – 4 5/8″ to 5 5/8″
  • Quad Latch Inner Tube Assemblies
  • Core Recovery Lab/Shack
  • Full Inventory of Tools & Consumables
  • All handling tools
  • Core Boxes
  • Core Transport
  • Core Recovery Documentation
  • Certified Equipment
  • Qualified Personnel
The Predator Performance Guarantee
Predator Drilling guarantees that
you will have a minimum 98%
core recovery rate
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