Health & Safety

Our Core Value – I will be responsible for my well-being and for those with whom I work.

  Safety is the most important core value of Predator Drilling and is a key part of our culture. We energetically manage safety to ensure that we are living out this value every day and in everything we do. Our goal is to do it right the first time by doing it safe.
  We believe that safety is the responsibility of everyone in the organization and this priority carries forward to our vendors and partners – and anyone associated with Predator Drilling.
  Our approach to safety is strengthened by how we demonstrate our other core values – accountability, performance excellence and teamwork – to allow us to SAFELY DELIVER PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE through DEMONSTRATED ACCOUNTABILITY & TEAMWORK.
We take pride in our dynamic ATTACKING SAFETY culture and manage our approach through:
  Experienced & Committed Safety Leadership
  • Over 30 years of combined industry experience in HSE
  • Engaged and involved at all levels of the organization
  • Establishes clear accountability at all levels of employment and foster an environment of safety engagement for our employees and our partners.
  • Regular & Consistent Communication:
    • Spring & Fall Rig Manager Meetings
    • Fresh Start Meetings
    • Regular “Safety Moment” discussions as a part of all team & staff meetings
    • HSE Presentations & Email Communication
No-Compromise Employee Recruiting & On-boarding Processes
  • Hiring practices focused on alignment to “Safety” value, experience & qualifications
  • Clear expectations and safety standards communicated to new hires from “day one”
  • New Worker Program – Mentorship, Evaluation & Risk Awareness Training
  • New Hire Certification Requirements
Extensive ongoing Health & Safety Training & Employee Development
  • Passport to “ATTACKING SAFETY”
  • Competency Assurance & Mentorship Program
  • Green Hardhat Program
  • Ongoing training, education & awareness
Systematic & Vigilant HSE Monitoring & Reporting
  • Continuous review and improvement of all HSE programs, policies, procedures and hazard assessments.
  • Regular Divinópolis & systematic system audits
  • Trending analysis to identify and minimize site hazards and unsafe behaviours
  • FLHA (Field Level Hazard Assessment): Tracking real time hazards and updated for every task in the process of completing the deliverables
  • The Metrix Card
    • Behaviour-based Near Miss & Hazard Identification program
    • Mentorship, coaching & corrective action
  • In-depth & collaborative incident investigation procedures
  • Incident Check system
Commitment to Industry HSE Regulatory Compliance
  • Certificate of Recognition (COR)
  • ISNetworld & PICs Membership
  • Complyworks