Predator Drilling has a modern, mobile, versatile and efficient fleet of drilling rigs that are backed by a team of knowledgeable and well trained crews. Predator’s fleet is well suited for INTEGRATED DRILLING SERVICES (SHALLOW & DEEP PRE-SET), CORING & DELINEATION, DRILLING (HORIZONTAL, WATER WELL & SPECIALTY), SLANT AND MINING applications. Our philosophy is based on the idea that if you have the right team of trained people and give them the right equipment, then performance excellence is the outcome – meaning we have exceeded our client’s needs & expectations. Predator Drilling continually strives to SAFELY DELIVERING PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE through DEMONSTRATED RESPECT, ACCOUNTABILITY & TEAMWORK

The Right Equipment + The Right People = PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE

• Depth capacities ranging from 291m to 2500m
• 3,000+ pre-set well completions with demonstrated surface cost savings of 15%
• 99.7% Up-time efficiency
• Fully trained, certified & experienced rig crews
• 98.9%+ Rig Crew retention

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