Slant Drilling Services

We provide improvements in drilling optimization & asset commercialization and apply our diverse drilling expertise, experience and ability to deliver results with our Slant Drilling Services. We have specialized slant drilling rigs with a range of slant and vertical depth capacity.
Predator Drilling Slant services offer:
  • Collaborative well design process
      -Custom slant drilling plans

  • Drilling Reporting
      -Daily drilling reporting outlining drilling performance & operating conditions

  • Versatile resource play applications
      -Conventional shallow gas, shale gas, shallow reservoir, Oil sands – SAGD & Coring
      -Flexible reach considerations on well design & layout

  • Reduced Environmental Impact
      -Optimal rig design leading to reduced surface disturbance & footprint via road & trail access and operational footprint
      -Multiple well pad drilling

  • Improved lease accessibility
      -Overcome topographical & landscape conditions & barriers
  • Predator Drilling Slant Rig Profiles

    11S Foremost Explorer Range II
    Hook load – 114,000 lbs. (50,700 daN)
    1,1000m slant
    1,500m vertical
    20S Schramm TXD, Range II
    Hook load – 200,000 lbs. (89,000 daN)
    ? slant
    2,500m vertical
    28S Foremost CSR 1000, Range I
    Hook Idaron load – 38,000 lbs.(16,900 daN)
    350m slant
    ?m vertical
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