Integrated Pre-set Drilling

With over 16 rigs, and 7,000 completed wells, we know drilling and don’t shy away from a big job. When you choose our Integrated Pre-set Drilling Services, we will drill, case, and cement the surface portion of the well, accelerating your drilling program and saving you time and money.

Shallow Pre-Set Rigs

Up to 300m/1,000ft. We offer services for shallow oil & gas projects that can be drilled vertically or horizontally with a depth capacity of up to 300m/1,000ft.

Deep Pre-Set Rigs

Up to 2,500m/8,202ft Our modern and versatile fleet of rigs offer vertical or horizontal deep drilling services with a depth capacity of up to 2,500m/8,202ft.

Intermediate Preset with Super Singles

Up to 3,600m/12,000ft Save time and money by utilizing our intermediate pre-set well casing services. Critical to the success of your project, our intermediate casing service has a depth capacity of up to 3,600m/12,000ft.

Cementing & Transportation

Our cement service provides pneumatic cement bulker units and a batch cement mixing system, including a cement density, pressure recording and flow meter with Pason integration. To add further value and advantages to our Integrated Drilling Services, we offer on-site rig transportation, rig move, and heavy haul services.

Drilling Operations

With our drilling services we offer both Horizontal and Directional Drilling, competitive pricing, and a confident crew. At Predator, we care about our footprint and aren’t satisfied unless our impact on the environment is as low as possible.

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Horizontal Drilling

Up to 2,500m/8,202ft Our current fleet of highly versatile single rigs can horizontally drill to a finished depth of 2,500m/8,202ft.

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Slant Drilling

Up to 1,000m/3,280ft. We currently provide a Slant Drilling service where we can drill to a finished depth of 1,000m/3,280ft.

Coring and Delineation Services

At Predator Drilling, we offer leading expertise in Coring and Delineation Drilling Services. As an industry leading company, we are the top choice for many tier one operators for their core hole projects.

As an industry leading company, Predator has cored over 26,000m/85,302ft.

Predator excels at coring services, which is proven by a 98% core recovery rate.

We have mobile & small footprint rigs for coring programs for in-situ Oil Sands and Surface Mining drilling operations. Our mining services can currently reach a depth of up to 1000m – 3,280ft.

Rig specification sheets. Want to know specifics on the equipment we have at Predator? Contact us for spec sheets.

Trucking and Transportation

Our integrated transportation service includes mobile rigs and equipment. Specific tractor and trailer units can consist of 400” bed trucks, winch tractors, tri-drives, and 24 wheelers.

To add further value and advantages to our Integrated Drilling Services, we offer on-site rig transportation, Rig Move, and Heavy Haul services.

Our transportation fleet includes an on-site tractor and trailer units. All our trucking crew come equipped with 1A driving licenses.

Quality Management

We have a multi-faceted quality management system that works to ensure that we deliver the highest standards of quality to our clients’ and that we are always looking for ways to improve. All our leaders and teams collaborate to:

Operate the business according to our core values while achieving our company and quality objectives.

Comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements in the implementation and execution of all drilling services.

Ensure the continual improvement of our quality control systems including all processes, procedures, and operational activities.

To continue to work towards reducing the environmental impact by minimizing ground disturbance with less traffic and loads on-site.